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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> bill: have you ever been hypnotized? >> sandra: i have not, hemmer. i heard you went halfway. is that possible? >> bill: it is, it happens! it was back in college. >> sandra: i've got to get that story. thank you for joining us this morning. we will see you here tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, protests in hong kong flaring up again. police in riot gear firing tear gas on crowds as the u.s. state department warns that the u.s. is "deeply concerned" about reports that china is now moving troops to the hong kong border. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today's harris faulkner, political columnist for the "washington examiner," kristen soltis anderson, former ohio senate democratic minority leader, capri cafaro, and joining us on the couch, cohost of "the five" and fox news poll to go analyst, juan williams. a good day to have you here, you have a lot of politics. >> juan: i love summer, i love hot water
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it's hot in new york today. >> melissa: it's hot around the world. the new warning from the state department coming as china tells the u.s. to stay out of the situation. the chinese even calling out house speaker nancy pelosi, and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. accusing them of trying to incite chaos. the president dismissing that criticism, saying he can't imagine why anyone would blame the u.s. and another alert for you to watch right now. the dow plunging today as treasury bonds send a recession warning to the markets. look at that, down 636 points. weak industrial production numbers coming out of china, persistent trade tensions also adding to the mix on wall street. some bad news from retail. but first, with the latest from the state department on this situation in hong kong, rich edson has more. rich? >> good afternoon, melissa. state department officials are watching those military maneuvers going on in the region
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there. it's unclear whether this is a way that build up of chinese military is seeing there, if it's part of any future response according to the protesters or whether this is something to try and intimidate them. or, as china claims, they are only conducting drills there. this is after shutting down hong kong's airports for two days. protesters have now moved back into the cities. of all of the scum of the state department says, "the united states is deeply concerned by reports of chinese paramilitary movement along the hong kong border. the ongoing demonstrations in hong kong reflect the sentiments of hong hong kongers and the ern of their autonomy." state officials tell us china has a disturbing pattern of broken promises and these protesters are interaction of what was supposed be the handover of the former british colony of hong kong to the chinese government, a 50-year process that is supposed to end
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in 2047. with the one country, to systems model. they are supposed to have more autonomy than this, according to those protesters. flights have resumed at the airport after days of clashes with police. protesters beating two men from mainland china. at one of them from a party newspaper, the other they suspect it was an undercover chinese security officer. the state department is warning americans traveling in hong kong that these demonstrations can happen with little or no notice and are likely to continue. some of the demonstrators have carried american flags. china is trying to blame the united states government for this, for inciting a lot of this. the u.s. government has responded that it's nonsense, and what this is is those in hong kong who are demonstrating and expressing their frustration about what they see as a loss of autonomy to the chinese government. also from this the u.s. defense official is saying the chinese government has canceled two port visits by two american warships.
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one later this month, and one that was supposed to happen next month. back to you. >> melissa: rich edson, thank you so much for that report. as we bring it up to the couch, juan, the house foreign affairs committee adding to that statement just read from the state department. this is the foreign affairs committee. "30 years after the chinese communist party's beautiful massacre of peaceful protesters, in tiananmen square, we are concerned they would again consider putting down peaceful protests. we urge them to not make this mistake, which would be met with universal condemnation and swift consequences." the problem, as we saw from that video, it isn't all peaceful. >> juan: it's not peaceful, because there are two ways to look at this, melissa. one, the protesters are forcing the issue and you have authorities responding. the other way to look at it is this was provoked by mainland china, trying to impose extradition rules on hong kong that really aren't new, different, and provocative. because the hong kong population
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says, "hey, their rules put in place when britain transferred control of hong kong to china, to protect the democratic rights." two, that hong kong remain a capitalistic, free-market society. i think the hong kong people want that to remain in place. they feel they have been provoked by this incursion from the mainline government. >> melissa: that's true, everything he said. it's about this extradition remain that china could extradite someone from hong kong. at that point they would have control over what happened to that person. it's a very scary thing and it is provocative. to that same point, that could provoke the protests but not necessarily the violence. >> kristen: the vast majority of protesters are peaceful. the scenes we've seen the last two days or an aberration. the images that stick in my mind are the thousands of people peacefully flooding the streets of hong kong. this has been going on for weeks now. something important to keep in mind is that the history, the
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folks who live in hong kong have experienced living under these freedoms. there was a theory that china, having a more capitalist economy, as it liberalized its economy, that its people would want more freedoms and they would push for liberalization. that didn't happen. in hong kong, it's different breed they have a liberal political system and more freedoms. taking away from them is going to cause -- >> melissa: this is against the backdrop of the doubt. let's put a backup so we can see it in the lower part of the screen. a huge sell-off. part of it is the fears with trade tensions with china. a big disruption in the does nothing to make traders fear like a deal of time is going to come anytime soon. the bond market signaling there maybe a recession on the horizon. also hearing from retailers today, specifically macy's. they lowered their guidance for the future. some say that the macy's problem and others say, does it signal
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there is a problem coming with the consumer? a lot of things to make people nervous about their money today. >> capri: sure. i think a lot of this is driven, as you mention, melissa, on a lot of these global tensions. there's a little bit of a detente when it comes to the u.s. china trade talks. at the same time that will have a direct impact on retailers like macy's, that import goods from china and other places abroad. hong kong has also traditionally been a center of commerce. in asia and any asian market, the fact there are tensions there. then you hear that germany is headed towards a recession, as well. there are discussions domestically about reit changes here in the united states. so there's a lot happening here that is putting people on edge. i think it puts a lot of pressure on the united states to make sure that we do not mess up what happens when it comes to the u.s. china trade agreements. because at some point the u.s.
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consumer is going to end up having to pay for those tariffs out of their own pocket book. i think that is probably contributing to this, as well. >> harris: that's already happening. it seems like $14 billion, that's tax money going to subsidize those farmers who desperately need it. >> capri: when walmart gets more expensive, you are paying out of your pocket. >> harris: but it's all our money. it's other people playing with our money. trying to shore up areas where its desperately needed. but the problem is, with what i'm reading today, and the recession fears, we knew some of this was coming because the market had set such resilience. this was the president's vision, to fight intellectual property theft and other things that have gone on with china. that was absolutely necessary, even democrats like senator chuck schumer had agreed with that. none of this is necessarily breaking news. it's just glaring. you see what's going on across the world, with china and hong kong. i do understand the connective tissue. if they cross into that country
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with a military, it gets very complicated for us. but we still have a lot of resiliency in this economy. so i think after an 800-point drop recently we have to kind of sit and see what happens. i know it's hard. i know people see their 401(k)s and panic. don't look every day, would be one thing that your financial advisor would say. also, make sure you have money in savings. markets go up and down all the time. it's hard. when you look at the numbers and how more people than ever have fewer dollars in savings, that is an indication of some problematic areas. >> juan: can i make one quick point? politically, this is a difficult one for the trump administration. both because it will impact the capacity to reach a trade deal if we are standing up to the chinese government for sending troops or abusing those protesters, but the second thing is, historically, we as the american people have stood for dom democracy and the spread of democracy around the world. there is of the trump administration for pulling back. this becomes a cutting edge
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issue. >> harris: like the criticism for the obama administration when the same thing was happening in iran. is that what you're talking about? >> juan: very much similar. the president tweeted yesterday, "the chinese may be sending troops to the border." >> harris: his intelligence people told him that. >> juan: there was a lot of criticism for not saying, "hey, china, don't step on those protesters. they have rights." >> harris: you don't think that's what he sang when he says, "i hope everybody is okay?" and not killed. speak to peter navarro in the last hour coming out and blaming the fed and very loud terms for what's going on in the market, o the fed. we'll see how this goes. some senate democrats, including a 2020 contender, threatening the supreme court not to take a gun case or face possible fundamental restructuring. we will debate that one. plus, the head of homeland security calling for the rhetoric to be toned down after
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bullets are fired at i.c.e. officers, narrowly missing employees' offices the latest on the investigation coming up wow!
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>> harris: we come in with this fox news alert on an investigation and yet another attack on anna i.c.e. facility for this time, shots fired in a field office in san antonio, texas. they save the bullets missed officials by inches. dhs and i.c.e. officials blaming political rhetoric for endangering customs law enforcement. the acting director of citizenship and immigration services, ken cuccinelli, tweeted this picture of the bullet hole in the office window. can you see that? yes, you can. wow. but federal agents are treating
9:16 am
it as a targeted attack. there is acting homeland security chief, kevin mcaleenan, saying this. >> the environment where we are demonizing law enforcement for doing their jobs, for enforcing the law in the books, is concerning. it can be dangerous and it can result in people taking actions that are not supported by the facts. that are not in response to anything inappropriate. anything that the officers are doing. we have to turn that down. >> harris: meanwhile, the fbi special agents in charge in san antonio says this was nearly a murder investigation. >> although the shots were fired at about 3:00 in the morning, there were people in the building. we had federal employees who were present, and although they were not hit by the rounds fired, by the grace of god, have the bullets gone 2 inches in another direction, we could be here today talking about the merger of a federal official. this is obviously very serious stuff. although it happened late at
9:17 am
night, you don't know where people are. >> harris: this is the fourth attack on i.c.e. facilities in recent days. previous incidents occurred in washington, d.c., tacoma, washington, and aurora, colorado. juan, this means that people who are doing their jobs under current law are at risk. >> juan: sure. i think you have to take a clear stand and say you can't have people firing at federal facilities. >> harris: you don't think people know that? >> juan: what do you mean? >> harris: they know they can't do that! >> juan: i'm saying something a little different. it's not that they don't know, in fact, they are defiantly challenging i.c.e., i.c.e.'s authority, and protesting in their mind against i.c.e. policies, breaking up families, and all the rest. i think you have to take it clear stand and say, "you might have a protest, but firing a gun can lead to death." and i would agree that we have heightened political rhetoric
9:18 am
around this issue from both sides, but i would just point out that when you have changes in policy that is punishing not only to illegal immigrants but now to illegal immigrants in the country, when you have the kind of greed we saw recently in mississippi, where people are quickly rounded up in large numbers, now some of them have apparently been let back in. when you have the change that we saw this week with regard to limiting what benefits are available to people who are here illegally, you are going get an angry reaction from people who are immigrants or whose relatives are immigrants. >> melissa: so you're saying they brought them on themselves? government brought this on people being shot at? >> juan: i think clearly president trump is heightened the rhetoric around the issue. >> harris: i have a question for you, capri. you and i have looked at some of this universe. they called barack obama, as president, the deported-in-chief. didn't he use agencies that would go in or people -- and we all know the answer to this,
9:19 am
it's almost rhetorical -- based on the fact that not only were they here illegally, but they were on the list to be deported, maybe you have been departed, and come back? same system, no? >> capri: it's the same system in the sense that you have an enforcement agency enforcing the law. the law in certain circumstances remains the same as it was under the obama administration. >> harris: second question -- >> capri: it's not the same in all circumstances, due to -- >> harris: knowing where those men and women would be going, maybe a morning raid would put them in deadly danger. yet we've seen some of that. knowing where they are working in their offices, "look, it's listed. these are the people in this building and this is what they do." one of those entry lists that big buildings have. we know where i.c.e. is. put them in danger now because people are taking their anger out on issues on our federal officials. what happens next? >> capri: this is happening on both sides. everybody needs a turn down the
9:20 am
heat on both sides of the coin of this rhetoric. because whether you are alexandria ocasio-cortez, sitting there saying we need to abolish i.c.e., people that are doing their job day in and day out, it's not their fault they're enforcing the law. somehow they are the enemy of people. that's not right and they should not be shot at. on the flip side, when there is this heightened concern that an immigrant, they are taking our jobs, using our tax dollars, being thieves, that they are bad people, you see el paso have been. gilbert there's something fundamentally wrong in this country. both sides are to blame for this heavy rhetoric. need to grow up and take a step back. congress, again, needs to do their job. >> harris: if we wait for congress to do it... >> capri: they are not going to. we have to be adults and how we approach. >> harris: they've all gone on summer break. >> kristen: if it's one incident, maybe it's a stray bullet. two incidents, bad luck. this is the fourth one and a
9:21 am
pattern. it's incumbent upon those in up a legal position, where they can justify saying "abolish i.c.e.." it's not the position a majority of americans and four, but if that's their position, that's fine. you don't shoot offices. we expect them to come out and say as such. >> capri: we expect president trump to denounce these things, too. we have to have consistency. if the left is saying, "you need to be forceful in denouncing x, y, and z," we should also expect the same from our own people. >> melissa: he did come out and denounce it, and it did nothing. nobody on the left give him credit. when he came out and said we have to stand with one voice against white supremacy. no one cared. when you say words matter, there's a big gap between words and violence. an exchange of thoughts and saying things and discussing, and even protesting. >> capri: we have to ask ourselves -- >> harris: can i insert one more thing? if seen something that is
9:22 am
indicative of unacceptable anger in this country. we know people are angry with police department, some of them, across the country. the buckets of water have entered the conversation. it could be a minute before that become something different, as well. this is not acceptable to push against what you are angry about. we talked about, juan, this way. with our fists, bullets, we are seeing it. should they call on them to come out like they called the president? >> juan: on both sides, i would pick up on what you were saying. i would like to see people say, "hey, let's have a logical, dispassionate discussion of an important issue." but this kind of thing is being provoked by heated rhetoric coming from the bully pulpit of the presidency. >> harris: all right, we'll move on. we are keeping a watch on wall street at this hour. the dow is now down by more than 600 points i made a number of factors, including new recession fears. we are monitoring all very closely. plus, the growing demand for answers in the death of
9:23 am
jeffrey epstein. the very wealthy sexual predator, convicted. as prison guards are partly falsified logs regarding epstein. it details ahead. >> it doesn't make a difference. if somebody wants to harm them self in the federal prison setting, our policies are very clear. you could be accomplished in less than 10 minutes. ♪ and need cash? you should know about the newday va guaranteed cash out loan. it lets you take out an average of over 50,000 dollars. i called and got 51,300 dollars. i called and got 54,200 dollars. we called and we got 58,800 dollars. so, if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa.
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$1 in store or online from the advisors at office depot officemax. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? >> melissa: big sell-off in the market today. you can see right now the dow is down 663 points, giving back the gains of yesterday. what is notable is the volatility that we have seen, both up and down in the past week or so. today, responding to a signal from the bond market that seems to be signaling recession ahead. but also, news out of macy's and a retailer saying things are looking very weak. they were diminishing their forecast for the future going forward. it could be a macy's problem but it could be about the consumer. of course, keeping a close eye
9:28 am
on hong kong as international troubles also broil this market. it matters where it ends, so watch it at 4:00 p.m. today. i've got the fox news alert. new details on the conditions of the new york city jail where financier jeffrey epstein died in an apparent suicide. some guards are reportedly suspected of falsifying log entries to show they were checking on the alleged sex offender with greater regularity than was the case. the justice department putting two guards on administrative leave and reassigning the jail warden, pending investigations into epstein's death. but a former federal prison guard seeing a higher level of checks may not have stopped epstein's suicide. >> while i don't condone what the officers did or didn't do, i can tell you that if somebody wants to kill themselves in a federal prison special housing unit, it can be done well within 30 hours.
9:29 am
>> melissa: also, an obscene accuser filing one of the first lawsuits against his estate and alleged coconspirator since his death. all of this as the doj faces growing pressure to explain what may have happened. new york city mayor bill de blasio has called for an independent investigation, and a cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor says attorney general bill barr needs to give answers. >> bill barr, this is on you. this is your house. the bureau of prisons as part of the u.s. the permed of justice. those are questions that bill barr and the doj need to answer. how was the art of suicide watch in just six days? what specific steps were taken to guard them after that? for bill barr personally, what did you know about this? with that did you take? >> melissa: harris, the finger-pointing on this one has already begun. there's so much blame to go around. how could this have possibly happen? >> harris: you know how i feel about this. we were spending much more time try to figure out what happened to jeffrey epstein then we ever
9:30 am
did among those 14-year-old girls. and all of those victims, for all of those years who were-traffic for the mega people is important to know what's going on a federal facilities. we have prospective terrorists there, while not bad guys there. particularly this one in manhattan. el chapo was three doors down for jeffrey epstein for a period of time before sentencing. it was interesting, for a few days there, those men were in the same constellation. so as i look at this whole thing, we need to know what happened. if we are going to put some of the worst of the worst, in terms of their crimes, in the charge of these federal facilities, we need to and the people doing the jobs are not working 80 days in a row as has been reported. shift after shift after shift. put in positions where -- i don't know what they were doing, if the reports are right and the logs were falsified. but oversight is a big thing here. people being able to do their
9:31 am
job. at the end of the day, jeffrey epstein was known to have been injured just a few days before this happened. they knew he was potentially on a list that needed to be watched. they argue he should have been watched his whole life, according to the charges against him. i will move on. >> kristen: the real shame now, you mentioned, we needed to be watching all along what was happening to these girls. and now we will not get the full picture of what happened. >> harris: oh, i don't know about that. they are linking don't like looking. >> kristen: are out there are many trails that can be followed. >> harris: they were on his island yesterday. >> kristen: this is why it's unbelievably outrageous that he was allowed to die. because he takes with him a ton of information that could have been so valuable and actually trying to pursue justice. >> melissa: that's true. juan, i was doing interviews the past couple days of people working on and around this. one of the most interesting things is it does seem in his life when he gave interviews to various people, we read some great ones in
9:32 am
"the new york times." he was prone to hyperbole. and you couldn't believe come whether he was saying he was consulting with elon musk and there's no evidence of that, all kinds of things. on the flip side, investigators say those flight logs are the things that are really set in stone to kind of tell you who was with him and where. that there are a lot of witnesses in this case who can come forward and help shed some light on how something this awful could have festered in our society for so long. your thoughts? >> juan: the key point here for me is rich powerful men getting away with unspeakable crimes against other human beings, the damage those people for their whole lives. we do have people who are still alive who are going to have to be called to account. this woman, ghislaine maxwell, who was seen as really kind of pure procuring and grooming were training these women. >> melissa: that's the accusation. >> juan: there are several other women that fall into this category working for epstein. then there's his brother, where he got his money from and how
9:33 am
much remains. then there's the safes. it both at this private island as well as in the house here in new york. places in ohio. is this evidence that could help us to understand who was involved and how deep this goes? one last point -- alex acosta, the former labor secretary. to me, when he gets out of jail freely after he is first convicted and the young women are not given the opportunity to confront him, that to me was evidence that the rich protect each other. >> capri: i'm with harris on this. i think you're spending too much time caring about what happened to jeffrey epstein. we need to look at the system, the oversight, and the concerns there. because 7% of people in federal prisons commit suicide and there needs to be a discussion surrounding the system. the only reason why this matters is because it could prevent us from being served for all of these victims. >> harris: your former attorney, a prosecutor, so you know. >> capri: not quite. but i'll take it.
9:34 am
[laughter] >> melissa: some senate democrats, including 2020 democrat kirsten gillibrand, issuing a blistering morning for the supreme court. threatening a restructuring if it doesn't "heal itself. what this means for the independent player less of the supreme court. ♪ - hi folks, i'm matt mccoy.
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♪ >> harris: welcome back. some tops of senate democrats and kirsten gillibrand bring a stunning warning to the supreme court, urging them to stay out of a gun case brought by an nra-backed group against the state of new york, or else. the centers wrote this. "the supreme court is not well, and the people know it. perhaps the court can heal itself before the public demands it be restructured." the briefing warns that groups like the nra are trying to influence the high court. here is senator gillibrand toda
9:39 am
today. speak of washington and the nra are the greed and corruption that is at the root of it. the nra carries far more about gun sales then keeping our kids safe in our schools. keeping worshipers safe in their place of worship. keeping the kid on a park bench safe. it's outrageous that we don't crack down on the assault weapons as well as getting guns out of the hands of criminals and those who should not have them. >> harris: kristen, does the nra have the kind of political power it always has with its recent scandals and struggles? >> kristen: i think people get the nra political influence wrong. they assume the nra as political influence because the big operation with a lot of money. that certainly has been true, although that is less true nowadays as it's going through all kinds of controversy and scandal. however, the real power of the nra had is that an awful lot of americans own guns. they value the second amendment. agree with the nra on some issues. there are things like background checks. there are certain things that
9:40 am
even nra members support, that the nra itself would oppose. people always assume that the reason the nra had influences they had money and they were in the politician's pockets. but it's more that politicians are afraid of the voters for whom this is their number one issue. for a long time, the intensity on this issue is with those supporters of gun rights rather than supporters of gun control. >> harris: is it shifting? >> kristen: it's shifting a little bit. there's more intensity among those who say gun control and wanting to have structured strn laws -- they were voting on other issues. there is some evidence that voters who want stricter gun laws, this is rising about something that becomes a voting issue for them. >> harris: looking at a situation where this current president doubled down again and said he would like to see meaningful background checks, that he anticipates that mitch mcconnell, when they come back from summer break, we'll take a look at red flagging and other types of
9:41 am
legislation. could we see something get done? what do democrats need to do when they come to the table? >> capri: i think what we are seeing right now, joe manchin, democrat, and pat toomey, a republican, they do have bipartisan bill that has been pending in the senate. been working out. they have been meeting of the white house. i would hope that leader mcconnell and speaker pelosi have been meeting to try and figure out how we get this going forward. i think a combination of background checks and a red flag while it is with the american people are looking for right no now. i think if we don't act, coming back into this recess, which is -- five weeks is dog years in political terms. hopefully it would remain the political will to get this done. >> harris: we always say the longer you make the heart of this get a deal done. he cools off what about sending surrogates to the ella, like a bongo? she's been out on this issue talking with lawmakers. >> melissa: i do think of things like that work because it seems like the only way to get
9:42 am
deals done this kind of talk quietly to the side as opposed to screaming of the camera. it frustrates me, when you hear legislators complaining about the supreme court. i'm like, "wait a second, it's your job to write the laws. don't talk structuring supreme court, because you don't like the laws, write different laws." it's similar to immigration. immigration and gun controls, it takes steps and both sides to bring together. it's frustrating when legislators point the finger. you are the ones you need to sit down and do your work so this can be a better country. >> juan: i don't see the numbers there. i will say that a lot of people feel there wasn't the opportunity for the more liberal side of the bench to grow under president obama win that seat
9:43 am
was held. that you have two -- >> harris: then why do certain democrats -- >> juan: they are viewed as mitch mcconnell having pushed far right candidates for the bench. it calls into question what chief justice roberts -- >> harris: so when you see gillibrand end of the democrats, particularly -- i don't know, movies because you're running for the white house and you want somebody to listen to you. if you save the american people don't thirst for a restructuring of the court, why make it part of a platform? 's to six because people think this has become to politicize. >> harris: everything is politicized. >> juan: historically, what we tried to do with the supreme court is that the court's buffet. they don't have any troops. have to be respected. its integrity is so valued. right now i think it's becoming an issue. >> harris: we will move on. 800 candidate crying foul after a billionaire democrat met a key criterion to get on the fault debate stage. whether this is sour grapes, or
9:44 am
that their own rules that are their party. >> we are getting to the point where we are spending money online as opposed to talking to voters. ♪ great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> melissa: 2020 democratic hopeful montana
9:48 am
governor steve bullock slamming the nc debate guidelines after billionaire tom steyer reached the donor threshold for the fall primary debates. here's governor bullock. >> i think that the nc rules for well intentioned, but what it has done has allowed a billionaire to buy a spot on the debate stage. tom steyer just spent $10 million to get 130,000 donors. the republican party, all throughout the year before, 2015, at a 1% threshold. it's a rough day when democrats are less inclusive than republicans. >> melissa: the 18 campaign heading back, saying that those responding to his message democratic candidates must bring in at least 130,000 donors and register at least 2% in four surveys to qualify for the fall debates. capri, lee stark there.
9:49 am
there's two qualifications. you get the donors but you also have to register. it seems pretty fair to me. >> capri: there's a handful of candidates are now in this group that have actually met the fund-raising threshold. they have not met the 2% criterion, vice versa. it's necessary for us to increase the threshold. so we have a more narrowed and competitive opportunity to have a conversation on the debate stage. ten on one and ten on the other is getting unwieldy. i like governor bullock, i think it's good that he's a democrat who has managed to win in a red state like montana, but i think he's wrong. the reason we have a criteria, i believe, for small donors, is to show that there is a wide swath of individuals willing to invest in these campaigns. just because tom steyer was able to advertise to raise his profile and subsequently attract those donors does not mean he's wrong and it doesn't mean he's buying an election.
9:50 am
heat it means using the system e maxima cape ability. if bullock have that capability would do the same thing. >> melissa: what to think of his attempt here? he was trying to get behind other candidates, throwing his own head into the race. some worry that the way he uses has money upsets the party. i don't mean make them angry, but upends the party that makes whatever candia comes out less likely to win. >> juan: what strikes me as the money. he put all this money in the digital ad campaign intended to get those small donations. >> melissa: is ironic. >> juan: that's what bullock's complaining about. "how can i play against this guy and has stacks of bills to play with," don't forget, steyer is the impeachment guy. he was putting big money into the impeachment. he placed digital politics. why don't you go out and talk to people? that's what i have to do, says bullock. i'm doing grassroots
9:51 am
campaigning." that's how he thinks he should generate political support. >> melissa: that's why he needs the poll numbers. that's why there's those thresholds. the individual donors, but you also have to register and some of the polls. >> kristen: there are a handful of state poll for a list where he's able to come in with these truckloads and truckloads and truckloads of cash and drop them on buying ads on tv, in markets in iowa and new hampshire. he doesn't have to move in all these poll player less. if he's up in the state polls, he can't qualify for that stage. >> juan: i can understand why he'd be jealous. >> harris: you can have the same talk about judge elaine, he has put millions into his campaign. i know you're saying it's not for the benefit of fund-raising, so i understand that. is there anything illegal about what he's doing? works for impeachment ram among democrats who saw those ads, maybe he's looking at something and saying, "where can my money
9:52 am
take me?" i don't know. it's a lot of people. california's board of education scrapping a proposal for a new ethnic studies curriculum amid backlash from some who called it anti-semitic. we will discuss that ahead. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage...
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an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. get real relief, with cosentyx. >> melissa: breaking news alert, we want to give you a look at the markets. look at that, we just crossed to be down more than 700 points. what is significant is this sell-off has lasted for a number of hours. we've seen gyrations in the market recently. this one is sticking for a good part of the day. it's a reaction to retail earnings, to what's going on in hong kong and the signals coming out of the bond market. keep an eye on that. the market closes at 4:00 p.m. california education leaders going back to the drawing board after major pushback over proposed a new ethnic studies curriculum. critics calling it anti-semitic,
9:57 am
left-wing propaganda. the education board abruptly scrapping this draft a day before the public comment period ended. the state legislature, jewish caucus, voicing their concerns. "it would be a cruel irony if it curriculum meant to alleviate prejudice and bigotry were to instead marginalize jewish students and fuel hatred and discrimination against the jewish community." state lawmakers are looking to make ethnic studies a mandatory requirement for high school graduation. the board is scheduled to reprove a final version by march. juan, how do we deal with this difficult issue? >> juan: california is such a diverse state, it's important people have a sense of how to live and work with others. the problem here is you've got to have a curriculum that is unbiased. what it looks like is come in the glossary comforts able, it has "islamophobia" but not "anti-semitism." the bds movement, the boycott and divestment in terms of
9:58 am
protesting some of the israeli government policies, it speaks of it without saying there's another side. "here's why some people have taken this position." i think that's what necessary. i hope it doesn't become a starting point for producing a curriculum that is unbiased and encourages inclusivity. b2 that's all a great point. how do you get a curriculum that is unbiased? who gets to sit there and say, "yes, this is fair and balanced?" >> capri: this is why education policy in particular is very important to be at the lowest form of government. what i mean by that is at the local school board level, and at the state level, rather than on the federal level. communities, like california -- it's very diverse, very specific populations. the best people that can determine what is best for the curriculum for their students and their children are the people of those communities. i think here, in this case, because the jewish legislature s spoke up, you can't talk about
9:59 am
discrimination and discriminatory practices of one ethnic group and then ignore others. you have to be as inclusive as possible, and public comment periods in this case allow them to take a step back and say, "obviously you made a mistake here." >> melissa: that's an interesting point. i was about to throw up my hands in disgust. that after look at these things with my kids, and even if we go to church and hear a sermon, i do agree with everything that was said. come home and talk about it as a group. but you make a great point. this was faulty and it was caught during the comment period. i think that's good. >> kristen: when when he mentid that local control schools is important, that's right. lots of americans feel that way. the flip side is that local control of schools means different communities have very different sets of values. very different ways of looking at things. you're going to wind up with students across the country learning very different things, if it goes all the way down to the most local level to decide. >> melissa: we are out of time. thanks to our old couch.
10:00 am
what a thoughtful discussion. the market down even further, 727 points. you want to keep an eye on that all day, check out fb and at 4:00. the market closes over there. meanwhile, we are back at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: we will pick it up there as we are watching the dow. an indicator of a possible recession, sending u.s. stocks plunging today. "outnumbered" now. i'm harris faulkner. the dow down more than 700. it will be on the small part of your screen there at the show. the bond market through up a major red flag today. we haven't seen this since 2007 with regard to that. deirdre bolton's live at the new york stock exchange, part of our fox business network team. with the latest? we are seeing some big numbers now as it plunges. >> some big numbers indeed. you have them write under screens for your investors. of course, to follow harris -- you are quite right, that 2


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